Vacation to Your Yoga Mat


My yoga mat creates a vacation for my mind.

Come to your mat today with the idea of taking a mini vacation from your chattering mind/busy lives and enjoy!

The Little Things…


We are not guaranteed tomorrow. In fact, we are not guaranteed the next minute in our life.

Think about the things that are happening in your life that are frustrating you and then think about what would happen if a tragedy occurred in the midst of it all. Would those little things, i.e. sitting in traffic, spilling coffee all over your shirt, fighting with your spouse, boyfriend, parents, siblings, really matter much? I’m not saying that a tragedy has to occur in your life to realize that there is more to life than stressing over the spilled coffee, but it took a tragedy in my life for my perspective to change completely. The little things still get to me, I am human, we are all human and bad days happen. The difference is that these little things now pass on quickly by as I realize there is so much more to life. The fact that I can never hear my Dad tell me he loves me again or give him a physical hug makes petty arguments and spilled coffee not so significant anymore.

Coming up on my 3rd Father’s Day without my dad, I’m reminded how grateful I am to have had such an amazing man in my life for 27 years. While discussing the day with my truly amazing boyfriend/soul mate yesterday, he reminded me to celebrate this day with a smile on my face, to honor him and show my appreciation for his presence still in my heart every day. Although my father’s physical body has left this world, his soul is still always present deep in my heart.

I’d like to share an excerpt of an article I read from Yoga Journal the other day…

…”This is where yogic philosophy can be useful. It teaches that, ultimately, no one can control what’s going to happen. Despite your best efforts, some bad things undoubtedly will occur. All you can do is try to plan intelligently, give your best effort, let the universe take its course, and, when it does, respond as well as you can. When you realize that you ultimately don’t have control over the future, it can take the pressure off—and that alone may reduce anxiety. Take care of the present, said the great 20th-century master Ramana Mararshi, and the future will take care of itself.” – Dr. Timothy McCall
Excerpt from a Yoga Journal article,

You don’t have to be a yogi or a yogini to appreciate these words. My gentle reminder for today is that we have no control over our future; we are not guaranteed tomorrow. So cherish ever minute you have with the people that are near and dear to you. Cherish your life and let the universe take its course. Let the little things be…

Most importantly, don’t forget to give your Dad a big bear hug this Father’s Day and tell him you love him however you can. If he is only with you in your heart, make sure to honor his life in some special way!!!