Daily Journal Inspiration – Yoda on a Child’s Mind


“Truly wonderful the mind of a child is” – Yoda, Star Wars Episode II

Today’s words come from Yoda (you heard right ha!), from Star Wars Episode II.  I’d like share a short story with all of you about a small moment I had yesterday at work.  I had a boy in my office (about the age of 6 or 7) who had the most interesting things to say.  This was the first I had ever met him.  Specifically, he picked up this small turtle statue I had on my desk (given to me by a very dear friend as present for my birthday a few years back) and began examining it’s details..the colors, the size, the shape, etc.  The description lasted about a solid 4 minutes or so…I was amazed about the detail he pulled out of this little statue.  I’ve always admired it since I received it but never took the time to actually examine it like this child did.  He went on further to say that it should be placed so everyone can see it, not on my desk hidden.  (He added “That’s just my opinion, you can put it where you want to, but I think it should be placed where everyone can see”) ha!.  This little boy had a lot say and I’m glad I met him…his mind was truly wonderful. 

Today, as you write in your journal, try to recall a moment in time when a child has described something that we look at to be simple, with such detail…like he/she has never seen it before.  We should really start to look at the simple things more often through a child’s eyes…the world would surely look a lot more awesome!


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