Yoga/Journaling – …Rising Every Time We Fall


Good morning!
Crow pose got me this morning!
I would get one leg up and then fall. By the end of my practice, I was able to get one leg up and hold it for a few seconds. I’m happy with that today! I’m ok with the fact that every time I fell, I got back up and tried again.

My yoga teacher once said these words that keep coming up every time I’m challenged on my mat…”usually the way we handle our challenges on the mat is the way we handle our challenges off the mat”. Those words kept repeating in my head as I pushed myself to hold crow with one leg for a few seconds. I did it. When we are challenged in life, often times we give up. It’s ok to fall, but getting back up and trying again is the part that matters the most.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Nelson Mandela for your journaling inspiration:

“The greatest glory in living
lies not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall.” –
Nelson Mandela


Yoga/Journaling – Bridge of Love


Good morning!
Today’s yoga practice was a treat for me! It was a relaxed practice focusing on twists and simple bridges to move the spine and open up the back. Being hunched over at a computer for most of the day, Monday through Friday, this felt great to gently move my spine in a different directions 🙂 On the emotional side, I felt a feeling of unraveling…twisting and releasing…the release from the twist was refreshing and calming for my mind and body.

Whatever your practice was today or will be, I hope your take some time after your practice to reflect on yourself, what came up, what didn’t come up, in your journal. Journaling is one of the best therapies, in my opinion 🙂

Today’s quote for inspiration comes from Martha Whitmore Hickman’s Healing After Loss, Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief. Great little pocket size book that I carry around in my purse.

“There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love…” – Thornton Wilder

Yoga/Journaling – Sphinx Pose


Photo credits: Wikipedia

Good morning! Today was a continuation of yoga working on our core.

I truly resonated with the Sphinx Pose today during my practice. I always loved this pose and felt very safe here today.

Even more so, throughout my practice this morning, I realized that my breathe is more in place with the poses (my ultimate goal during my home yoga practice). And I’m clenching less down on my jaw, another habit that I have to consciously correct to avoid headaches after my practice. The teeth clenching I also relate heavily to stress/anxiety. Keeping this promise, sticking with the challenge, is proving to be an awesome benefit to my morning routine. My days are changing beginning early and it continues throughout my day. If you haven’t started the challenge yet, feel free to join me at anytime 🙂 My prior posts have the link for the challenge ❤

Today's quote for inspiration:

"Everything is possible to him who wills only what is true! Rest in Nature, study, know, then dare; dare to will, dare to act and be silent!"
Éliphas Lévi

Yoga/Journaling – Challenges


Good morning! My yoga practice this morning focused on strengthening abs. Although that was challenging by itself, my real challenge came because of my physical practice space. No yoga mat, tiny (really tiny) space on hard floor. In these moments, I have found it very easy to push off my practice until the next day when the conditions are more convenient for me.

Today, because of the promise I made to myself, I pushed through the challenges, on the hard floor, bending my knees when I had to, and finished my practice feeling more grateful than usual. I kept the promise to myself.

Here’s today’s quote for your journal inspiration:

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back.” -Paulo Coelho

Just as a reminder, I am following along with Erin Motz 30 day yoga challenge :).

Yoga/Journaling – Lotus


Good morning! Today’s yoga challenge brought me to one of my all time favorite poses, salabhasana (lotus or grasshopper). Beautiful pose that works on strengthening your arms, legs and great for posture.

After somewhat of a late night, getting on mat this morning was a challenge in itself. Ending in the empowering lotus pose today made me realize how important my daily home practice is to me.

Today’s quote for inspiration:

“For everything there is a season…a time to break down and a time to build up…a time to weep and a time laugh…a time to mourn and a time to dance…” – Ecclesiastes 3:1-4

Yoga/Journaling – Chest & Heart Openers/Love Abides Where it is Welcome


Welcome! In my yoga challenge this morning, we did chest, shoulder and heart openers. By the end of my practice my breathing slowed down and my chest felt less tight. That tighten of the chest, for me, is due to stress and anxiety. So this practice felt great this morning!

If you’re following along, journal on how you felt this morning. What came up or didn’t? If you had your own practice, what did you struggle with and what came easier to you today. What thoughts came up during your practice?

The journal inspiration today is relating to opening our hearts, welcoming love in…

“Love manifests where there is an empty vessel.
Love abides where it is welcome.”
– Bhakti Sutras, Verse 53

Yoga/Journaling Challenge – Body & Mind Opening


I’ve been on lull for a bit which caused a break in my yoga practice and writing.  My schedule has been a bit crazy along with a training I just completed to be a volunteer facilitator for a grief support program for children and adults.  Although mostly good things happening in life, my yoga practice and writing has fallen to the way side this past month or so.

Listening to my body and it’s yearning for my yoga practice and my mind craving the passion the write, I’ve decided to create a new challenge for myself and for my followers if you would like to join me.

Challenges for me give me the motivation to get on the mat while keeping a promise to myself.  Along with this daily yoga challenge, I invite you to join me in journaling on what you experienced on your mat; emotionally and physically.  What did the practice bring up for that day or didn’t bring up?

My home practice lets me focus more on my breath and clearing my mind.  While, being in the studio is great for guidance and my teachers are wonderful, one of my challenges has always been to begin and keep a daily home practice.

I am using a free challenge I found online with a simple Google search.

Feel free to follow along with this website or create your own practice.  The videos are about 20-30 minutes long making it perfect to fit in your morning ritual! I will be using the challenge above as the focus for the journaling each day but by no means do have to follow along.  I will provide what the focus was on that day followed by a quote or saying to inspire your journaling.

On to today’s practice J  Hip openers.  After being off my mat for a bit, these were a little tough for me but it opened up more than just my hips.  It opened up blocks and tightness my entire body has been feeling; emotionally and physically.

Opening up our bodies to the discomfort can give us room to see what needs improvement and what we need to work on to give our muscles the room they need to breathe.  It can open our minds to what has been holding us back and how to move forward.

I’ll leave you with a quote by Pema Chödrön to inspire your journaling for today:

“When you open yourself to the continually changing, impermanent, dynamic nature of your own being and of reality, you increase your capacity to love and care about other people and your capacity to not be afraid.”