Something to Say for the Skinny (Beautiful) People Out There


“You’re so skinny”. A phrase I hear often…and honestly I’m not sure how to take it sometimes. Is that all you can say about a person when you greet them? Maybe I’m used to the phrase, the way it feels, that when I greet someone, I pick out a feature on them that is beautiful. Beautiful smile, clothes, hair, eyes…there is so much to choose from when meeting someone than “you need to eat a hamburger”.

I’m perfectly healthy by the way. I eat just the same as others, veggies, protein, meat, snacks, etc. I do try to eat healthy but that has no affect on my size…it makes me feel better. I practice yoga every day and meditate every morning because I feel better over all after my practice.

I’ve fluctuated between 100lbs to 116lbs my whole life. My ribs tend to show in a bathing suit and my legs are thin. I’ve tried crazy diets of protein shakes, stuffing my face until I couldn’t breathe, just to see the scale jump up for a day.

My “skinniness”, more appropriately my “beautifulness” is in my genes. My metabolism is crazy fast and that’s how I was created.

You can either hate your body or you can love it…it’s your choice.

You can be healthy, or you can eat poorly. I choose to love my body (on most days…hey…I’m not perfect either!) and I choose to eat healthy on most days as well.

For all my fellow skinny girls (and guys) who have tried endlessly to put on the weight society so badly thinks we need, these quotes are for you.

After reading an article on Elephant Journal (here’s the link to her article, awesome, amazing writing you must check out, This Ones For My Skinny Sisters, I was so inspired, I had to to share these with others…

“Authentic self love is crazy sexy, whatever your body looks like” – Bryan Reeves

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” – Sophia Loren

“Size does not make a difference – we cannot take our bodies with us into eternity” – Thomas Voelker

“Though she be little, she is fierce” – William Shakespeare

I’ve already shared some of these quotes and they are in my journal for gentle reminders when I need them.

Kindness goes a long way…compliment others, practice less judgement. We are all struggling with the same insecurities, be it too little or too much. No struggle is harder than another when it comes to our self image.


The Curves of Our Lifelines…


The curves of our lifelines…
The highs…accomplishments, happiness, family, friends, our animal friends, nature
The lows…sickness, sadness, death, grief…
Finding balance in the curves our life creates peace.
Why should we fear change? Why should we fear obstacles ahead?
Never fear change…
Challenge your obstacles….
The highs and lows…fear…embrace it.
Embrace change…
Create your own character through the curves of your lifeline.

Yoga/Journaling – Bridge of Love


Good morning!
Today’s yoga practice was a treat for me! It was a relaxed practice focusing on twists and simple bridges to move the spine and open up the back. Being hunched over at a computer for most of the day, Monday through Friday, this felt great to gently move my spine in a different directions 🙂 On the emotional side, I felt a feeling of unraveling…twisting and releasing…the release from the twist was refreshing and calming for my mind and body.

Whatever your practice was today or will be, I hope your take some time after your practice to reflect on yourself, what came up, what didn’t come up, in your journal. Journaling is one of the best therapies, in my opinion 🙂

Today’s quote for inspiration comes from Martha Whitmore Hickman’s Healing After Loss, Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief. Great little pocket size book that I carry around in my purse.

“There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love…” – Thornton Wilder

Daily Journal Inspiration – “Yeah Dave” on Time Distortion


Artwork above is by Evita which can purchased here

Today’s words come from Dave Romanelli, better know as “Yeah Dave” in the yoga world ❤  These words are taken from his book, Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment: Getting to Ecstasy Through Wine, Chocolate and Your iPod Playlist.  His book will make you burst out laughing and at the same time give you awesome insight on living your life in the moment…highly recommended read! 

“Take a moment to imagine a day without a clock.  It might sound refreshing but most of us (especially me) would flinch and twitch on countless occasions seeking the reassurance of a schedule.  If only we could get past this grasping for the familiar.  When we lose track of time, we loosen our grip on life.  And in loosing, the mind opens, creating new space for fresh ideas…time distortion most often happens doing what we love in life.  The challenge is cultivating a willingness to move beyond routine, a curiosity for mystery, and an appetite for insight and revelation.”  

Every weekend, my fiancé and I, along with our two dogs (our children) go hiking in the woods…we pick different reservations/parks in our area to explore.  It’s a complete and total disconnect, a time distortion for us, from time, work, t.v., internet and stresses of daily life for us to talk and appreciate our family.  Sometimes there is no talking and the silence between us is also very peaceful as we listen and admire the nature around us.  We smile, laugh and on occasions get into deep conversations about our lives, the world and our future.  For us, these hikes give our family a weekly connection that we truly look forward to. 

Today, as you sit down to write in your journal, think about a time where you lost track of time doing something you love.  Write about how you felt, where you were, who you were with and how you can take steps to make it a more frequent activity in your life ❤

Daily Journal Inspiration – Pema Chödrön on Healing


Today, I chose words by Pema Chödrön to prompt your journal entry. Her words have been very influential in my life. Make time for yourself today to write and reflect on her words below…

“We think that the point is to pass the test or overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It’s just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.” – Pema Chödrön

Are you letting there be room for grief, for relief, for misery and joy in your life?

**The Privilege of a Lifetime is Being Who You Are**

Sharing a few awesome words of wisdom from Joseph Campbell to ponder for your day ❤ Enjoy!! *Namaste*

"Life is without meaning. You bring meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows. But we can choose to live in joy.”


When “Letting Go” is Not Enough


For the past week, I’ve started researching Jon Kabat-Zinn’s work with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). I’ve become fascinated by the work that him and his colleagues have done and the medical research that has come out of it. If you want to look more into MBRS, please do at: I’m actually taking a course in October in NYC to learn more about his program!

During my research of Jon Kabat-Zinn, I came across this saying he said, “It’s not a matter of letting go-you would if you could. Instead of “Let it go,” we should probably say “Let it be.” I read over the quote several times. (Realistically, probably more like 30 times!). I wanted his words to sink in. What I finally was able to make of his words was this…stop fighting, wishing and praying for the pain to go away, just let it be. Focus your energy more on what you have right now in this very moment and less on what you didn’t get in the past or what you think you can’t have in the future. Just be here today and in this moment right now.

For the past three years, I’ve been trying to let go of a lot. A lot of pain, betrayal, anger, etc., built up due to several events in my life during 2010. I’ve given so much energy (way tooo much energy) trying to get rid of all this and to fixing my heart, my spirit and my life. Looking at my life right now, I’ve come a damn long way from where I was in 2010 and I’ve truly been able to heal with the help of various outlets including self-help resources, mentors, family, friends, yoga, my support group and my loving boyfriend. I am so grateful for being blessed with all of this!

But now I’m ready to let it be. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. If we were able to just things go, it would be that easy. (I’m not talking about a bad day…we all can let that go during yoga, meditation, writing, etc.) But for the big stuff, the losses in life, the traumatic experiences, it’s not that easy – the stress, anxiety, pain, keeps coming back as we try to fight it away. Focusing our minds on removing or blocking it from our lives is just not working for most of us anymore.

Next time a negative/sad thought comes into our head, acknowledge it, maybe even write it down (that helps for me) and then go about your day. Don’t beat yourself, or continue to ask yourself why these thoughts keep coming up…they are coming up for a reason…stop fighting against them and try to just let them be. I’ll be working on this myself, each and every day going forward!

One last quick reminder for today: you are perfect just the way you are, right now in this very moment. You will heal; you find peace; you’re time will come; so for now let us all practice more on just letting it be.



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